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Our web-based solutions record Who, What, When, and Where of activitites that have been physically performed. Oversight's Solutions offer significant value to many different types of businesses:


In addition to recording the on-site hours of a specific guard, GuardChecker records the locations they checked, the observations they made, and the actions they took in a clear, concise, legible manner. Reports are extensive and available to all authorized managers on any computer, anytime, anywhere. Read More....

Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction

Each of these industries use a variety of contract employees (1099). In many situations they work outside of a fixed facility. Oversight’s Time and Attendance solution records a contract worker’s hours both when they enter and exit the work site and the hours spent at a specific cost center within a work site. Reports compare “on-site” hours to “invoiced” hours. Reports are designed to report multiple facilities and multiple providers. This cost effective service, that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of any business, represents a game changing approach to improving contract labor productivity.

Any Business where it is important that your off-site employee reports as scheduled (No Show)

Oversight’s solutions include Alerts that immediately report (emails and/or text messages) if a worker fails to Sign In as scheduled.


We all experience situations (regulatory, safety, insurance, or warranty) that require us to keep a record important checks, especially the ones that might have a major impact on your future. Oversight's solutions not only record exactly when and where the check was made, but also who made it, and any surrounding conditions. These checks are preserved on your secure website and available for review at any time.

The Service Industry

A Service company needs to know that their off-site employees performed all their assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner. Oversight offers a service solution that tells you the crew composition; when they departed for the site; how long they spent at each location; the travel time between destinations; and any relevant observations or issues while at the site.

Contract Management Agencies

To reduce costs and improve performance larger companies have started relying on Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Contract Management Agencies to manage multiple, outsourced contract services, such as: janitorial, security, waste removal, fire extinguisher recharging and inspections, extermination and pest control, exterior cleaning and many more. Oversight's managed service solutions permits MSPs to remotely and effectively manage each of these third party services for all their clients and all their providers wherever they may be located.

Property/Facility Managers

Oversight's property management solution enables property and facility managers to collect, store and report on their client’s physical Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Those KPIs could include: when the property was checked; what was specifically checked at each property; who made the check; and record all required and important observations discovered at the property. This information can also be made available so that their clients may access it through the web.