Service Solution with NFC tags and GPS

Oversight Inc.’s Service Solution has been enhanced to use smartphones, NFC tags, and GPS to verify the activities of the mobile workforce.

Service Solution is a web based service that records, processes, and reports the following: (for either an individual employee or a crew)

  • Time and Attendance for each employee.
  • The performance of specific activities including the GPS location
    where they were performed.
  • The major equipment used to support each client and task.
  • The identification of items needing repairs or additional maintenance.
  • The immediate notification of designated managers of safety and other Critical issues.
  • The elapsed time spent at each specific worksite.
  • The elapsed “non-job site” time, such as travel and lunch.
  • The composition of the daily crews.

Oversight creates individual NFC ID badges for each employee.

After scanning, the collected data can be immediately sent to the web and processed. After submission all reports are available to any authorized manager with an internet connection, anytime, anywhere.

To show some of Service Solutions’s capabilities, we have created a demo landscape company called Service Company (ServCo). ServCo represents a company whose hourly employees “sign” IN and OUT at a central location; form crews; draw needed equipment; depart to multiple work sites; perform necessary tasks; complete all scheduled work; and finally return to office, drop off equipment and sign out.

ServCo’s organization chart and operational process is shown below.

Click Image to enlarge

They have 10 hourly employees. Since many work days exceed 10 hours and most employers want to keep each employees’ weekly hours less than 40, individual schedules are varied. Each day will have eight hourly employees – seven will be on crews (3 for residential and 4 for commercial) and one employee will remain in the office. The only pieces of equipment ServCo chose to monitor were their five trucks.

ServCo has a total of 40 clients (30 residential (R01 through R30) and 10 commercial (C31 through C40)). Generally they provide service to each client once a week, every week.

The standard reports include the following:

  • Chronological Performance with GPS
  • Employee Detail by accounting period
  • Employee Summary
  • Equipment Usage
  • Client Comparison

The Chronological Performance Report records and reports the following information:

  • The identification of the daily crews, including crew chief.
  • The daily equipment draw
  • The start time and end time for each worksite, with GPS
  • The elapsed time at each client’s work site (that’s the bolded times)
  • The elapsed times between worksites (the non-bolded times)

Click here to see ServCo’s Chronological Performance Report for 6-2-13 through 6-15-13.

The Employee Summary Report shows a mobile worker’s payable hours for a specific time period (frequently an accounting work week). The report lists all the employees who worked during that period and how many payable hours were recorded for each employee. By being able to monitor employee hours “real time”, companies are able to insure that they compliant with the revised Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the new Affordable Care Act.

These employee hours can feed easily into the company’s payroll system. There is also a procedure to correct those hours if an employee fails to sign IN or OUT. All changes are clearly marked and transparent, and can only be made by authorized managers.

Click here to see a copy of ServCo’s Employee Summary Report for 6-2-13 through 6-15-13.

The Equipment Usage Report shows all the equipment that was drawn; when it was drawn; the responsible Crew Chief; and when the equipment was returned. ServCo only chose to monitor trucks.

Click here to see ServCo’s Equipment Usage Report for 6-2-13 through 6-15-13.

The Client Comparison Report permits companies to compare the time spent at each client’s location from week to week.

Click here to see ServCo’s Client Comparison Report
for 6-2-13 through 6-15-13.

These are several of the Service Solution’s standard reports. It is easy to modify or create new reports to meet a client’s specific requirements.

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